Let’s Spice Up Your Health!

Lets Spice Up Your Health

When starting a healthier lifestyle and looking for alternative ways to better your health, have you ever considered looking into spices that are actually good for you?  There are many of them that have positive health benefits attached to them (and cinnamon sprinkled on your extra large sized cinnamon bun isn’t what we mean here!).continue reading

Foods That Can Actually Cause Stress

Foods That Can Actually Cause Stress

Stress can be caused by a variety of things – from work issues to financial situations.  It’s a normal reaction every human experiences in situations they weren’t prepared for.  Sometimes, though, stress can be caused by simple situations – such as consuming certain food items that wreak havoc on your body and emotions.  Here are somecontinue reading

Can You Get Enough Protein on a Plant Based Diet?

Can You Get Enough Protein on a Plant Based Diet?

One of the questions I am asked most often is – Can you get enough protein on a plant based diet? The answer is a resounding – YES!! Here are some sources where you can get enough protein and not have to rely on animal products. Of course, you may have to get creative incontinue reading

To Be Or Not To Be – Gluten Free ? That is the Question


When shopping for food, you’ll likely see all the ‘gluten-free’ products positioned front and center. If you are out on a dinner date, you’ll more than likely see ‘gluten-free’ options available as well. But, is switching to a gluten-free diet beneficial? This latest craze has people stocking up on ‘gluten-free’ products but for the wrongcontinue reading

Healthy Snacks for the Busy Mom


It’s natural to think of your family when it involves healthy snacks but how often do you think of yourself? In order to keep up with the busyness of your life, you must and I repeat you must focus on choosing healthy meals and healthy snacks to sustain your energy. Today we’ll focus on somecontinue reading

Do You Have a Food Addiction? 5 Reasons You Might Have One and What to do About It


Do you have a food addiction? This is something that I have seen not only in my own life but also with others as well.  How many people do you know who have an addiction to chocolate? I know I do and I’m working on getting rid of it. But, what about other food addictions?continue reading