Delicious, Nutritious and Easy Smoothies by Dole


If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I love smoothies. It has taken some coaxing but my family is now on board with my smoothie obsession. We love fruit smoothies and veggies smoothies, so when I was approached by the Mom It Forward team to join in on acontinue reading

5 Health Benefits of Smoothies

Strawberry_Blueberry smoothie

As more and more people begin to take charge of their health by changing their eating habits, smoothies are becoming more popular. And it’s no wonder – the health benefits you can get from just one smoothie a day are remarkable. In this article, we’re going to look at just five of the many healthcontinue reading

Coming Out of the (Eating) Closet


    I remember the day I realized I was “in the closet”.  Members of my family would say they couldn’t understand why I was overweight because I didn’t eat that much.  It wasn’t until much later when I began my final (and permanent) journey to overcoming emotional eating that I realized I was acontinue reading

Why Choosing Whole Foods Is Key To Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Why Choosing Whole Foods Is Key To Living A Healthier Lifestyle

When you hear the term ‘whole foods’ you should think vegetables, fruits, and whole, unprocessed grains, nuts, and legumes. Foods are considered whole when they are not processed in any way, have no added fat, sugars, or salt.  You should however, never confuse ‘whole foods’ with ‘organic foods’ – there is a difference. Whole foodscontinue reading

The Power of Super Foods


These days, there are commercials pushing pills, powders, and potions for everything from cancer to weight loss. But what if you didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars in so-called “miracle cures” to give your body what it needs?  What if you could get what you need from God’s garden?  What if you’ve already beencontinue reading

Juicing For Your Health Not Just To Lose Weight

Juicing For Your Health Not Just To Lose Weight

You’ve seen it all over the internet, television commercials and magazine covers – The Juice Craze. First, off this is not a new craze. Juicing has been around for decades but just like fashion, everything is cyclic and wouldn’t you know it, juicing is back again. However, many are using juicing to simply lose weight.continue reading