Learning the Importance of Saying No

saying no

Last week I had a bit of a scare.  I was preparing dinner for my husband and I after a very long and stressful day filled with demanding clients, missed deadlines and a head cold that just wouldn’t quit.  As I was cutting the carrots, I felt pain shoot through my chest, and the wordscontinue reading

Staying Relaxed During The Holidays

Staying Relaxed During The Holidays

We all know…the holidays can be stressful time. Understanding how to manage each day is the key. Here’s my advice to take on the holidays and stay relaxed: 1. Make a plan and stick to it. 2. Pace yourself but more importantly focus on today. 3. Take one day at a time and avoid overcontinue reading

Surviving the Holiday Season with Little to No Stress

Surviving the Holiday Season with Little to No Stress

The goal this holiday season is to truly enjoy it to the fullest with little to no stress. Before you start to shake your head and think that this notion is near impossible, continue to read on. Below I will share some times that if applied and that’s a big ‘if’ then you will havecontinue reading

Give Yourself Permission to Take a Healthy Break

healthy break, healthy lifestyle

Who says you have to go non-stop, 24/7 each and every day? It’s okay to take a healthy break! Give yourself permission to take a healthy break, it is actually good for your health. Take a healthy break and: Enjoy a second cup of coffee – If you have read any of my posts in thecontinue reading

At the End of A Stressful Day

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Some days go better than others.  At the end of some days you’re looking down from the mountain top surveying everything you accomplished.  You feel invincible.  Other days you wonder why you even bothered to open your eyes in the morning.  Stress from the day can take its toll, and sometimes sleep- although dearly desired,continue reading

Ask Dr. Mommy – Can you truly reach a balanced life?

Ask Dr Mommy

In my ‘Ask Dr. Mommy’ segment I wanted to share the answer to a question I am always asked.  Can you truly reach a balanced life? This may sound like a difficult question and a much more difficult subject to tackle but it is one that I truly believe in. Balance is something that manycontinue reading