Aloe Vera Benefits


Have you ever used aloe vera? I personally can’t really remember a time when my mom didn’t have an aloe vera plant sitting by the kitchen sink or somewhere in the kitchen. It seemed that having an aloe vera plant was part of the kitchen just like the kitchen sink.  Yet aloe vera also existscontinue reading

The Power of Super Foods


These days, there are commercials pushing pills, powders, and potions for everything from cancer to weight loss. But what if you didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars in so-called “miracle cures” to give your body what it needs?  What if you could get what you need from God’s garden?  What if you’ve already beencontinue reading

Spring Back to Health


It’s that time of year again and everyone is focused on fitness. Oh sure, you may have created a New Year’s resolution to get more fit or lose weight or eat healthier foods but how many actually stay on track? It’s not until the weather starts to warm up that you feel the extra tugcontinue reading

3 Effective Steps to Sexy Abs for Summer


Okay, I’m jealous but for you northern hemisphere folks, summer is on its way while we here in the southern hemisphere are settling into autumn and what appears to be an early winter. I barely even got a tan this summer.  Now is the time to focus and get ready for those glorious summer dayscontinue reading

Juicing For Your Health Not Just To Lose Weight

Juicing For Your Health Not Just To Lose Weight

You’ve seen it all over the internet, television commercials and magazine covers – The Juice Craze. First, off this is not a new craze. Juicing has been around for decades but just like fashion, everything is cyclic and wouldn’t you know it, juicing is back again. However, many are using juicing to simply lose weight.continue reading

Is a Detox aka “Cleanse” Safe or Needed?


One of the most prevalent rages that I’ve seen in my life, let alone my adult life is the idea of bod detoxification. It comes in countless forms- from a three day water diet to eating only fruits and vegetables to drinking vinegar and water and everything in between. And let’s be honest, here- thecontinue reading

10 Health Benefits of Avocados

10 Health Benefits of Avocados .001

Including avocado with your meals may help you feel fuller for longer and reduce the urge for overweight adults to eat more, according to new research just released on the consumption of avocados. Researchers at Loma Linda University investigated whether adding fresh avocado to a midday meal had any effect on insulin response, blood sugarcontinue reading