Exploration and Curriculum — Some Suggestions for Homeschoolers

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Hi Everyone- With more and more people exploring the idea of home schooling I thought I’d re-share one of our fan favorites from this past July by the talented Ms. Marshall- Please enjoy! — Laura, Managing Editor, Dr. Mommy Online  Originally published July 10, 2013 Teachers complain about the loss of academic skills during thecontinue reading

Homeschooling Your Family of All Ages – The Six Keys to Success


We have six children ages 6, 11, 13, 16, 18 and 22. Our oldest is away at college while our other five kids are keeping us busy with a little bit of everything and everything in between. Homeschooling a large family of all ages can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be ifcontinue reading

Homeschool as a Human Right Part 2


In my last post, I discussed the unfortunate difficulties some parents have experienced when reasonably exercising their parental rights, both here and abroad. For example an American family lost their child to foster care for choosing one hospital over another. If you missed it, go ahead and read part one. Here are some thoughts on how we might silence our accusers ifcontinue reading

Life Balance For Your Homeschool


Homeschooling your children means they are with you 24x7x365. As we move through the ebb and flow of everyday living events and circumstances can arise that challenge the delicate balance of your homeschool such as births of new children, illnesses, changes in family dynamics, holidays and vacations. To avoid the roller coaster ride of ancontinue reading

Homeschool as a Human Right


Is homeschooling a human right? My friend Heather Greutman held a Facebook event to  make that point back in December to support two German families seeking asylum in the US and one American family. She lists on that page several articles that are homeschooling parents’ worst nightmares. I want to talk about what we might becontinue reading

8 Essential Ingredients for an Inspired Home Education


Education is a must for the individual as well as the collective advancement of our world.  Students are mirrors of the education system they attend. These students then go out into the world and make his or her contribution to the world according to the education they received. If we truly want to build acontinue reading

Be Afraid of the Common Core


Teachers are really amazing people. I loved observing different classrooms mainly because they were all different. Each teacher had created curriculum in his or her own style. Although they had textbooks, most teachers I’ve known, live their jobs. They think about their students 24/7 and are always picking up things to help them create lessonscontinue reading