An Education that Stands the Test of Time

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A revolution is in education is occurring and we are experiencing this very important time in history firsthand. Real education is bursting at the seams, but if you’re not properly prepared it can be the best of times or the worst of times to home educate. The best time to home educate is now. Why?continue reading

Be the Mom in Your Homeschool


When talking homeschooling with parents who don’t homeschool, how often have you heard comments like:  “I could never teach my children because I don’t know math” or one of my favorites “All I know how to do is shop” or “I could never homeschool because my children don’t listen to me”? Throughout the years homeschoolingcontinue reading

Can We Prevent Learning Problems? Exploring Early Intervention at Home


Often therapy after a stroke or brain injury helps individuals to regain function and abilities that they lost in the incident. Sadly, it isn’t always so. But in children, there are more successful outcomes due to the nature of the developing brain. Thinking About Prevention I’ve been fascinated by the brain since I was eightcontinue reading

How to Have a Smart Summer


Good morning all– as we celebrate #throwbackthursday we decided to revisit one of our favorite posts by one of our resident home school experts, Donna Vail  Please enjoy! — Laura Seeber, managing editor, Dr. Mommy and Friends Our culture has been trained to follow a schedule that may contribute to dumbing us down. You knowcontinue reading

 New Tool for Your Homeschool: Teachability Index


How do you decide what you listen to? What will you read? This is important for our continued learning and even more important as we homeschool our children. With so many books and so little time you really have to be selective. It’s imperative that you listen to people who have what YOU want. Whocontinue reading

What I’d do if I Could do Homeschool Over Again


My children are all grown adults now. I homeschooled back when there weren’t very many of us, so we were pioneers. I made a lot of mistakes. Here is what I would do again and what I would do differently. (The internet didn’t exist yet,but I’m going to include internet use ideas.)   Music If Icontinue reading

How Self-Educators Fall Short and Fail


Are you riding the homeschool pendulum? Throughout my years as a home school mom, life coach and personal home education consultant, I’ve seen many homeschoolers stress out and burn out from the heavy demands of following a purchased curriculum or following a strict protocol someone else has created. They often give up entirely and enrollcontinue reading