Drop Academics During Holidays — How to Add Curriculum Into Holiday Activities


One of the advantages to homeschooling is that we can drop the worksheets when life happens and incorporate learning into everyday activities. Life happens in a special way during the holidays! Why not change it up? When I was a classroom teacher, children were distracted during the holidays and learning the traditional way was difficult.continue reading

Creating a Homeschool Group

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! In honor of the holiday and Throwback Thursday we are re-visiting one of our most popular homeschooling posts by our contributor Christine Marshall.  Please enjoy!  Laura Seeber, Managing Editor As children get past second grade, they begin desiring more and more social time with friends outside of their family. By the timecontinue reading

Prevent Burnout in Your Homeschool


Burnout is a common occurrence for parents who home educate because we tend to take on so much, are the full-time care takers of our children in addition to all other responsibilities already in place and especially when it’s carried out in a “schoolish” fashion by recreating the school model in the home. The numbercontinue reading

Self-Education, It’s for the Whole Family

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Self-Education is the most organic form of learning. We were born wired for self-education and come into the world self-educating; until it is discouraged, suppressed and conditioned out. Self-education may feel new to people today as in recent, education has been broadly institutionalized however self-education is the oldest form of education that has stood thecontinue reading

Holidays and Homeschooling


Hi Everyone- in honor of #TBT we’re revisiting one of our favorite posts by our wonderful contributor Christiane Marshall.  In this post from October of  2013,  she provides some great ideas for homeschooling during the holiday season.  Please enjoy!!  — Laura S., Managing Editor In schools, holidays can be great disruptions that distract and takecontinue reading

Math: You Really Shouldn’t Be Helping with That

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Children are born with the innate nature to self-educate. It’s only when he is conditioned otherwise that makes it difficult or seemingly impossible. It’s absolutely imperative that you do not “teach” your children. By standing in front of your children, teaching and telling them how to work their math; you are depriving them of thecontinue reading

An Interactive Way of Learning


If you’re like me, you tend to learn or digest information when it is presented in an interactive method. As a visual and tactile learner, personally I remember information when I am presented with a video, pictures or better yet when I am able to interact in an activity involving various subjects. One of thecontinue reading