New Tool for Your Homeschool: Teachability Index


How do you decide what you listen to? What will you read? This is important for our continued learning and even more important as we homeschool our children. With so many books and so little time you really have to be selective. It’s imperative that you listen to people who have what YOU want. Whocontinue reading

What I’d do if I Could do Homeschool Over Again


My children are all grown adults now. I homeschooled back when there weren’t very many of us, so we were pioneers. I made a lot of mistakes. Here is what I would do again and what I would do differently. (The internet didn’t exist yet,but I’m going to include internet use ideas.)   Music If Icontinue reading

How Self-Educators Fall Short and Fail


Are you riding the homeschool pendulum? Throughout my years as a home school mom, life coach and personal home education consultant, I’ve seen many homeschoolers stress out and burn out from the heavy demands of following a purchased curriculum or following a strict protocol someone else has created. They often give up entirely and enrollcontinue reading

5 Steps to Inspire Academic Success in Your Homeschool


Are your children learning or simply busy fulfilling obligations? In our homeschool, the academics are only a portion of our work together. If your children attended public school prior to homeschooling, keep in mind that you brought them home to a natural environment where their learning is no longer confined to classes that end whencontinue reading

Create a Foundation for Education Excellence


When your child has a strong educational foundation of excellence, knows how to educate himself and has the support and encouragement of mentors; nothing is missed. Education excellence proceeds through the natural ebb and flow of everyday living. As you and your children walk side by side as partners, you both become responsible to eachcontinue reading

More Great Free Homeschool Resources!


Since I’ve been living in a tent temporarily (long story), I had to put aside the post I wanted to work on. I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources for homeschoolers and classroom teachers or tutors. (If you really want to know why I’m living in a tent, I’ll be blogging about ourcontinue reading

10 Benefits of Homeschooling Year-Round

Schoolchildren outside

Will you be taking off this whole summer? Do you struggle with how to keep your children busy during the summer then face a lot of review upon returning to academics? Over the past 12 plus years we’ve been homeschooling year-round. As we’ve created a lifestyle of learning we no longer need breaks away fromcontinue reading