Math: You Really Shouldn’t Be Helping with That

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Children are born with the innate nature to self-educate. It’s only when he is conditioned otherwise that makes it difficult or seemingly impossible. It’s absolutely imperative that you do not “teach” your children. By standing in front of your children, teaching and telling them how to work their math; you are depriving them of thecontinue reading

An Interactive Way of Learning


If you’re like me, you tend to learn or digest information when it is presented in an interactive method. As a visual and tactile learner, personally I remember information when I am presented with a video, pictures or better yet when I am able to interact in an activity involving various subjects. One of thecontinue reading

Mastering the Art of Communication for Parents

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As you’re working with your children, homeschooling and helping them get what they want in life, you’ll also get what you want in life. To accomplish this, mastering the art of communication is a top priority for the parent mentor. It’s also a valuable skill to pass on to your children. It’s not only aboutcontinue reading

Teach Your Child to Write Joyfully

Teach Your Child to Write Joyfully

I suspect that writing is a natural outgrowth of speech and other communication skills. There are a few different aspects to writing. Although it eventually becomes more holistic, approaching it from each aspect at first helps children enjoy writing rather than consider it a chore. Writing Involves: 1. Primarily communication on paper 2. Mechanical actcontinue reading

Inspire Your Children to Want to Learn

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It’s as simple as this: You can’t expect your children to love learning if you don’t love to learn. If learning isn’t a joy it’s difficult to expect them to develop a joy for learning. Children learn what they live so as parents we must ask ourselves how we are living whenever we want ourcontinue reading

Education and the Basics

Three Rs

As we home educate our children we find that so much of the work we end up doing is not only about the academics but encompasses all of life. Many of the lessons your children will learn are those life lessons they can carry with them no matter where they go and what they do. However,continue reading

Three Tips That May Help Prevent Learning Problems

Three Tips That May Help Prevent Learning Problems

The little blonde head you just kissed is growing beneath your lips! Every day we have opportunities to affect and direct the process of growth under there!! Here are Three Tips to Better Learning 1. Help your child make connections! Your little one is making connections all day. Some of them are funny. They make mistakescontinue reading