Inspire Your Children to Want to Learn

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It’s as simple as this: You can’t expect your children to love learning if you don’t love to learn. If learning isn’t a joy it’s difficult to expect them to develop a joy for learning. Children learn what they live so as parents we must ask ourselves how we are living whenever we want ourcontinue reading

Education and the Basics

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As we home educate our children we find that so much of the work we end up doing is not only about the academics but encompasses all of life. Many of the lessons your children will learn are those life lessons they can carry with them no matter where they go and what they do. However,continue reading

Three Tips That May Help Prevent Learning Problems

Three Tips That May Help Prevent Learning Problems

The little blonde head you just kissed is growing beneath your lips! Every day we have opportunities to affect and direct the process of growth under there!! Here are Three Tips to Better Learning 1. Help your child make connections! Your little one is making connections all day. Some of them are funny. They make mistakescontinue reading

An Education that Stands the Test of Time

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A revolution is in education is occurring and we are experiencing this very important time in history firsthand. Real education is bursting at the seams, but if you’re not properly prepared it can be the best of times or the worst of times to home educate. The best time to home educate is now. Why?continue reading

Be the Mom in Your Homeschool


When talking homeschooling with parents who don’t homeschool, how often have you heard comments like:  “I could never teach my children because I don’t know math” or one of my favorites “All I know how to do is shop” or “I could never homeschool because my children don’t listen to me”? Throughout the years homeschoolingcontinue reading

Can We Prevent Learning Problems? Exploring Early Intervention at Home


Often therapy after a stroke or brain injury helps individuals to regain function and abilities that they lost in the incident. Sadly, it isn’t always so. But in children, there are more successful outcomes due to the nature of the developing brain. Thinking About Prevention I’ve been fascinated by the brain since I was eightcontinue reading

How to Have a Smart Summer


Good morning all– as we celebrate #throwbackthursday we decided to revisit one of our favorite posts by one of our resident home school experts, Donna Vail  Please enjoy! — Laura Seeber, managing editor, Dr. Mommy and Friends Our culture has been trained to follow a schedule that may contribute to dumbing us down. You knowcontinue reading