Santa’s Last Kiss


Christmas this year? Bittersweet. The family was fabulous. The gifts were a hit. The spirit was festive and joyous. So much so that the tree is still standing. Fully decorated in the living room. Long past our usual take-it-all-down date of December 26th. This is not the first difference. It’s been a year of tween-hoodcontinue reading

Want to Be a Happier Parent? Just Smile!

emily and xemenia 139

Did you know that smiling can help you with discipline? Smiling helps by putting yourself in a better mental state to take critical feedback. And we know first hand that when delivering consequences our children are FULL of criticisms. Let’s face it. Parenting causes today’s parents a LOT of anxiety and worry. But you cancontinue reading

You Are My Sunshine


you are my sunshine…my only, sunshine… How long, approximately, will it take you to sing it? Would you mumble? hum it? sing chorus & verse? Or just the beginning? In the name of science and for keeping of standards, I timed it. 57 seconds, if you sing chorus-first verse-chorus. {there are, in fact, many versescontinue reading

Three YO and Name Calling


Dear Susan,  We are having major issues with my son calling kids names like cookiehead and tomatohead. He is only 3. I have told him that it hurts others feelings, but he did it to the school’s director too and she got upset and brought it to my attention. She then wanted an apology. Hecontinue reading

Mastering the Art of Communication for Parents

Happy African American Father and Mixed Race Son Playing in the Park.

As you’re working with your children, homeschooling and helping them get what they want in life, you’ll also get what you want in life. To accomplish this, mastering the art of communication is a top priority for the parent mentor. It’s also a valuable skill to pass on to your children. It’s not only aboutcontinue reading

ping. pong. score!


“How was school?” “Fine” “What happened at school today?” “Nothing.” “What did you learn in class?” “I dunno.” And so it begins. The WhatHappenedTodayAtSchool? ping-pong match. We try. Oh, how we try. But the thing is, we are asking them about what they did. And that isn’t what our brain thinks is the important stuff.continue reading