Decision Time!


Think back- what did you do when you first woke up this morning? If you’re anything like me you stumbled out of bed, and punched the alarm clock with reckless abandonment and slight hatred.  This was quickly followed by the feeling of jealousy that somehow my husband could sleep through the ruckus that I hadcontinue reading

Achoo! Reasons to Exercise With Allergies


Ah yes, the turning of the season. For many of us, the transformation from summer into fall or  fall into winter brings about a whole other season, that frankly is nothing to sneeze at– allergy season.  Whether your fighting watery eyes, a nose that just won’t quit, or head congestion that has you saying “mercy”continue reading

Easy Playground Workout For Busy Moms


A mom’s life is hectic. And very often that means the sacrifice of their own health and wellness for the sake of the family good. Finding that find gym time, or a dedicated workout hour is next to impossible. But what about a playground workout? Why can’t mom get a workout while the kids do?continue reading

Looking for a Challenge? Try Bouldering!!


You’re out and about and exercising.  The bike rides have become passe, and that aerobics class at your local gym is so last week.  You need something new to sink your teeth into, a challenge worthy of your growing prowess.  Something that gives you a total workout- making sure you use your body, your mindcontinue reading

Going Over the Edge


Well it looks like I did it again.  I went over the edge, and pushed my body a little to far, too fast.  I really should know better of course, and most of the time I do, but this Labor Day Weekend combined with our annual summer bash caused me to be moving and oncontinue reading

Finding Your Routine

women exercising

As I’ve said many times before, regular exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also shared a number of different examples of exercise- but I’ve neglected to cover a very important topic. The idea of how to find the best exercise routine for you. Here are a few steps that you cancontinue reading