Target Acquired: Setting Goals for Exercising in 2014

running up stairs

Ah, the month of January. The time of  year when hope and enthusiasm abounds, especially when it comes to an exercise program.  This is it. This is the month when the battle cries of “I’m going to lose weight!”  or  “I’m going to eat healthier!”  or even the classic “I’m going to get into bettercontinue reading

Simple Steps to Get Motivated


Let’s face it- staying healthy and exercising can be difficult.  There are times we push ourselves, put ourselves through aches and pains, and we don’t always see the results that we want.  It can be frustrating.  It can be aggravating.  Let’s face it — when you jump on that scale and see that the needlecontinue reading

At the End of A Stressful Day

child pose

Some days go better than others.  At the end of some days you’re looking down from the mountain top surveying everything you accomplished.  You feel invincible.  Other days you wonder why you even bothered to open your eyes in the morning.  Stress from the day can take its toll, and sometimes sleep- although dearly desired,continue reading

Decision Time!


Think back- what did you do when you first woke up this morning? If you’re anything like me you stumbled out of bed, and punched the alarm clock with reckless abandonment and slight hatred.  This was quickly followed by the feeling of jealousy that somehow my husband could sleep through the ruckus that I hadcontinue reading

Achoo! Reasons to Exercise With Allergies


Ah yes, the turning of the season. For many of us, the transformation from summer into fall or  fall into winter brings about a whole other season, that frankly is nothing to sneeze at– allergy season.  Whether your fighting watery eyes, a nose that just won’t quit, or head congestion that has you saying “mercy”continue reading

Easy Playground Workout For Busy Moms


A mom’s life is hectic. And very often that means the sacrifice of their own health and wellness for the sake of the family good. Finding that find gym time, or a dedicated workout hour is next to impossible. But what about a playground workout? Why can’t mom get a workout while the kids do?continue reading