A Method to the Madness


Let’s face it- in this world, you got to be a tiny bit crazy just to survive and thrive. Hectic schedules, delightful but demanding families, spiritual growth and changes, and yes, even dealing with the day to day media blitz about how a person should feel, look, act, and be can make a person quitecontinue reading

Hiking 101-Simple Ways to Enjoy The World Around You


In most parts of the world, the weather is getting warmer.  The grass is starting to look a bit more green, the flowers are starting to shoot up towards the sun, and even in my back yard the wild strawberries, onions and mint are starting to make their first appearance. It’s definitely spring, which forcontinue reading

Five Fitness Myths That Won’t Go Away


If your goal is to get into better shape and live a healthier lifestyle- take heart. There are literally thousands of resources available to you to help you in that endeavor. Those resources, unfortunately don’t always give you the most accurate information. It can be difficult sometimes to divide the good from the bad whencontinue reading

Changing Things Up: How To Bring Life to a Dull Routine


Let’s face it- there are times when an exercise routine can be boring.  The motivation to go beyond that last repetition, that one mile more can only take you so far.  Sooner or later, your going to reach a point where your body and mind yell at you “No more!  I’m bored out of mycontinue reading

Keeping Up the Pace


We’re told to”keep up the pace”  or to “move it” like we’re some sort of car on a race track.  It’s enough to drive a person batty sometimes.   The other day I was over at the gym, working out on one of the stationary bikes, going for my customary 3 mile wind down ridecontinue reading

Do You Know How to Breathe?

jumping rope

I know, it sounds like a silly question.  Of course you know how to breathe.  You do it everyday, right? Here’s the thing though– breathing the right way during your exercise routine can mean the difference between getting really winded by the end or having a great workout.  If you think about it, the purposecontinue reading