Are You Giving More Than You Receive?

Are You Giving More Than You Receive?

I was reminded of a wonderful book that I read and re-read several times called the Go-Giver by my dear friend Bob Burg & John Mann. If you have not read this book, be sure to pick a copy up; it is a wonderful story with extremely valuable life lessons for all ages. This book encompassescontinue reading

Why not you?

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Don’t you just love it when you hear something and you just can’t help but to get excited? That was me on Sunday. You see, my amazing pastor, Tim Grosshans from First Baptist Church of Winter Garden taught from Romans 16. Now, when you look at the passage, it’s not one that would ordinarily bring outcontinue reading

Do You Believe in the Power of Giving?


As I sat here for nearly an hour I was contemplating what I would write about today. What message could I share with you that would not only be motivating but also inspiring especially during this marvelous season. Then I thought, why not share about the power of giving?  During this time of year manycontinue reading