Raw Banana Milk


  Spring is definitely in the air and the farmers markets will soon be opening in my part of the world.  This begins my favorite time of year for eating a high-raw food diet.  There’s simply nothing better than going to your local farmers market and stocking up on fresh greens for juicing and makingcontinue reading

Toddler Eats Constantly…Should Mom be Worried?


Dear Susan, I loved your picky eater solution but I’m not sure I should use it for my toddler. I haven’t been very concerned about his eating, but it’s reached a crazy point where my son (2 yrs, 4 months) is ALWAYS asking for a snack. Last night, we had finished dinner 10-20 minutes earliercontinue reading

10 Health Benefits of Avocados

10 Health Benefits of Avocados .001

Including avocado with your meals may help you feel fuller for longer and reduce the urge for overweight adults to eat more, according to new research just released on the consumption of avocados. Researchers at Loma Linda University investigated whether adding fresh avocado to a midday meal had any effect on insulin response, blood sugarcontinue reading

Brown Bagging as a Vegetarian

Brown Bagging as a Vegetarian

As a vegetarian, folks usually think that we only eat veggies, salads, and fruits. Although those food items are staples in our diet we do have many other options. Thankfully, Morningstar products gives us many choices.  Growing up as a vegetarian my parents were always worried that I wasn’t getting enough protein but I assuredcontinue reading

Green Smoothies – Not Just For Weight Loss

Green Smoothie

It’s 14 degrees outside and I’m sitting in front of my fireplace working on this newsletter, wondering how I can write about green smoothies when it’s so cold outside.  The answer is simple really; it’s because I know green smoothies can be powerhouses of nutrition if you make them properly, and I want you tocontinue reading

Gluten Free Vegan Muffins for a Christmas Brunch


I recently made these vegan muffins for a girls Christmas brunch and they were a huge hit.  I created a spa day for two of my adult nieces and my nine year old great niece and all of them loved these muffins.  Later in the afternoon, my three little step great nephews showed up, agescontinue reading