Green Smoothies – Not Just For Weight Loss

Green Smoothie

It’s 14 degrees outside and I’m sitting in front of my fireplace working on this newsletter, wondering how I can write about green smoothies when it’s so cold outside.  The answer is simple really; it’s because I know green smoothies can be powerhouses of nutrition if you make them properly, and I want you tocontinue reading

Gluten Free Vegan Muffins for a Christmas Brunch


I recently made these vegan muffins for a girls Christmas brunch and they were a huge hit.  I created a spa day for two of my adult nieces and my nine year old great niece and all of them loved these muffins.  Later in the afternoon, my three little step great nephews showed up, agescontinue reading

Two Raw Recipes to Help Keep Your Christmas Healthy


Even if you want to have some indulgences during the holiday season, you can maintain a healthy balance in your diet by including a minimum of 50 percent raw food into your plan.  For example, if you know you’re going to a party one night and you’ll want to indulge in hors d’oeuvres and acontinue reading

4 Easy Nutritious Low Calorie Nutritious Breakfast


Do you eat breakfast every day? You know you should, right? Didn’t your mom always tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? She was right. Trouble is, what moms in recent generations were taught was healthy was actually a set up for future health concerns. Fast forward to now andcontinue reading

10 Steps to Eating Paleo and Why You Should Consider Them


My family and I have been eating Paleo for two years now. I blog about new recipes I’ve created, helpful articles to get people on track, and how to raise healthy, Paleo kids. But, maybe, you’re reading this and you have heard this word, “Paleo”, pronounced “Pay – LE – O”, but you’re just not surecontinue reading

Fresh Tomato Snacks


One of my favorite things about summer is getting fresh, homegrown tomatoes.  I used to eat them with cottage cheese, homegrown cucumber, and a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup as a dressing.  Now that I know my body doesn’t respond well to dairy, I have found several other ways to eat fresh tomatoes.   Try thesecontinue reading