5 Ways to Brand Yourself with Killer Content


When people think of a brand, they often think only of the imagery associated with it. And while I’ll be the first to tell you how important having professionally designed branding is, it’s not the only part of strengthening your brand by far. <grin!>  Creating excellent content will do more to bolster your brand’s imagecontinue reading

How to Avoid Social Media Disasters in Your Business


One of the hardest things for a social media manager to deal with is the fallout from some kind of social media disaster.  The cost in finances, time, and energy is simply huge!  And the damage done to a brand is long lasting – maybe even permanent, in some cases! Thankfully, believe it or not,continue reading

Google+ Profits: How To Use Google+ To Make Money


I wonder if Google+ will always seem like the newcomer in town.  They’re kind of like someone who moves into a small town – 10 years later, people will still be referring to them as the new family.  But seriously – so many people are still sitting back and wondering “if” they should join Google+. continue reading

Marketing: Thinking Like a Marketer


What’s the key to running a successful business? It is being a good marketer. No matter what business you are in, you are really in the business of marketing. Regardless of how skilled you are at your trade, you still need to get customers. Don’t worry, marketing isn’t as hard as you think. Many businesscontinue reading

5 Powerful ‘Must Do’ Social Media Tips

5 Powerful 'Must Do' Social Media Tips

Let’s get started with the basics that apply to any social media network that you may be using. Sometimes even the seasoned social media user forgets these from time to time! Make sure your social profiles are complete and up to date.  You want to make sure your social profiles are complete and current! Gocontinue reading

5 Elements to Growing Your Subscriber List


Without customers, your business will fail. Plain and simple. However, with customers, your business will succeed! Again, that’s plain and simple when you understand the dynamics of gaining and keeping customers. One way to gain and keep customers is to stay in constant contact with them. By doing so, you are setting yourself up ascontinue reading