Making Informed Decisions

Making Informed Decisions

After speaking to a dear patient and more importantly friend, I felt the need to share these thoughts with you.  Now, understand that this is solely my opinion. First, I believe that when it comes to your health and your family’s health that you are ultimately the one responsible.  It’s great to visit your familycontinue reading

Deep in Thought


It seems that every month during a specific time, I find myself in deep thought.  Not sure if it is just a way for me to rest and stop for a moment, but it certainly helps put my life in perspective.  Every month I think of something else in my life and all that Icontinue reading

Corporal Punishment and Why it Does Not Work


Raising children is a difficult task to do well. And, believe it or not, it doesn’t all come naturally. While most of us are pre-dispositioned to feel great love for our children, even before they are born, we are not always ready for the responsibility we are taking on to society. What I mean bycontinue reading

5 Things NOT To Do If You Want to Raise a Responsible Child


  There is much written these days about raising a child to become personally responsible for what happens in their lives. After all, that is the goal of every parent… isn’t it? But in reality, there in lies the first thing NOT to do. And that is to say those words and express that ascontinue reading

Say Goodbye to Sergeant Mom and Hello to Inspired Action


Do you feel as if you’re always ordering your children what to do always telling, telling, telling and sometimes yelling? You’re not alone. Most of us have been there and know it’s not the place we want to be as parents. The last thing you need to do is feel bad. It’s what many ofcontinue reading

Using Your Power for Good In Business


Business can be a harsh world to navigate sometimes, especially for women whose feelings run deep. Not everyone has the hide of a rhinoceros. Some would categorize that as a weakness, but sensitivity is actually a wonderful asset for those who interact with people for a living. You have great power to hurt or enhancecontinue reading